We are passionate about making a difference for patients. Everyone at AltaVoice brings energy, intelligence, caring hearts and innovative ideas to their work. Our workplace blends trust, open communication and fun with high expectations and precision required to protect, collect, curate and coordinate patient data.

Get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in working with AltaVoice on a project basis, partnering with us, or being considered for open positions in the future.

We’ll be in touch when we are looking for more people to help advance our Mission.

AltaVoice Mission

  • We are trusted intermediaries, putting patients at the center of a disruptive model for developing better treatments for diseases.
  • We amplify the voice of patients to optimize the search for better treatments.
  • We develop innovative programs and business processes for collecting and appropriately sharing de-identified data to enable faster progress.
  • We use our secure and robust technology platform to connect patients with advocacy organizations, academic researchers, clinicians and drug developers to foster beneficial relationships.
  • We encourage sharing study findings to keep patients engaged and help them learn how other people manage similar health challenges.
  • We aggregate data and promote sharing it openly to break down silos that impede medical advances.