Solutions Overview

Patient Insights Network – The Power of the PIN

AltaVoice amplifies the voice of patients to help find better treatments, faster.

We believe patients’ voices must be heard – at every stage of research and drug development. For spotting patterns. For finding trial participants. For regulatory approval. For reimbursement. For personalized medicine.For improving care. Patient insights and reported outcomes help quantify and maximize value.

AltaVoice collects, curates, coordinates and delivers data from patients and clinicians faster, and for far less, than traditional registries or CROs.

The Power of the PIN

An AltaVoice PIN is more powerful than a traditional registry. It is an interactive, online platform for surveying patients, uploading medical records, tracking health outcomes and sharing de-identified disease data. It’s a more efficient way to build engaged communities, recruit for trials, educate, and follow patients. AltaVoice PINs help advocates raise awareness, generate research and academic interest and ultimately generate more funding. Unlike typical clinician-driven registries, PINs are patient powered. Our PINs make it easy for patients to share their experience, contribute medical data and maintain their privacy while being connected to the latest research, treatment and disease education opportunities.

The AltaVoice Difference

We put patients at the center of our model, in control of their data. We serve as a trusted intermediary, connecting patients, advocacy organizations, clinicians, researchers and drug developers for the benefit of all.

Our Patient Insights Network securely houses and safeguards data for more than 400 diseases. We leverage our technology and unique engagement model to create an ongoing, research-ready connection to patients. We encourage sharing de-identified data broadly, wherever possible, so everyone learns. We are passionate about using our expertise to save time, lower costs and improve patients’ lives.

Rock Solid Security and Privacy

Protecting patient data, while providing broad access to health information is the cornerstone of our system design. AltaVoice rigorously manages and operates all systems to comply with HIPAA, FISMA and data and patient protection laws.

  • HIPAA-Compliant Hosting
  • FISMA-Compliant Infrastructure
  • Comprehensive Audit Logs
  • Participant Controlled Data Sharing
  • Participant Controlled Communication & Contact
  • De-identified Data Sharing